Thursday, October 27, 2005

Love Thine Enemy

Spammers be warned.

I may be too busy to post regularly and bloghop these days, but I am making a special exception for you poor misguided souls.

In thanks for the flood of blessings The Lord has sent my way of late, I have pledged to redirect all spam in my TagBoards to THIS site.

As for the particularly nasty ones, I reserve the right to change the text to reflect messages more in line with my faith.

So keep the spam coming.

I welcome any opportunity to praise my Lord and Savior.


(Also featured in "The Prada Mama Chronicles".)


Anonymous jayred said...

What a unique strategy, Renee. Hope the spammers (individuals?) will be enlightened when they visit The 700 Club site.

Sorry to hear about the spammers in your personal blog. What's the motive?

10:01 AM  

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